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The International Scientific Association "Science & Genesis"

The Association is a union of initiative scientists, representatives from different universities in Europe at all levels of accreditation, media and representatives of research organizations of different areas of science.

From the origins of our establishment ...
For a long time we were engaged in research and consulting, we were amassing experience and were forming our name in order to succeed in the scientific area, building strong partnerships with European information platforms, universities and representatives of the academic elite.
We decided to head the course of scientific development, in order to increase the level of research, to create the valuable opportunities for their implementation into the practice, to build a successful scientific future and to accelerate the process of development of our organization at the international level.

Exactly the scientific integration has become a correct solution, that was accepted at the Seventh congress of the organization in Zurich. We started to implement it successfully, actively involving representatives of different field of knowledge in the organization. To conduct thorough and impartial investigations, the experts from the target and related disciplines are engaged. Due to this we have reached a new - European level both of study and of elimination the problem issues of science.

One of our goals – is to encourage the coming generation and young scientists. The science "of that time" and the attitude towards it, is radically different from the current situation. We actively develop a scientific thought and every time we prove that the future belongs to the science. Science works!
Under our auspices in 2011 and 2012 were held the congresses among promising young graduates of CIS countries in order to get an international internship.

We want to bring within the reach a Big Science to everybody, regardless of personal capabilities and resources!
News of our organization
International European project The progressive researches "Science & Genesis", has started!

Deadline is prolonged before 5th of December 2014
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September 26-27th, 2014 Prague (Czech Republiс) will be held a large-scale remote Multidisciplinary Congress
“Global scientific unity 2014”
We invite everyone to participate! Registration
July 18, 2014 Copenhagen (Denmark) will be held a large-scale remote Multidisciplinary Congress
"Management of scientific potential of countries and regions."
We invite everyone to participate! Registration
Soon become available the details of the Congress! Expect a large number of participants! Have already registered participants from 17 countries!
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