The progressive researches “SCIENCE & GENESIS”


The progressive researches"Science & Genesis"

Deadline- February 28, 2017
Prague (Czech Republiс)

We have established a new research project
The most important step in the development of the science is the availability of its results of a wide range of stakeholders — young researchers, graduate students, educator, professorship. With a view to the promotion and development of scientific thought, it was decided to set up a new project of the international cooperation.

A few words about the project
Centralizing our multisciense project in Prague. We have created a European magazine, which would be published by specialists from different European countries. Printed edition will be a bridge between the supporters and scientists of different categories of knowledge. It will allow:
• To keep abreast of the latest scientific developments;
• young scientific to declare themselves in the scientific world;
• specialists who have reached certain qualitative results, share them with the community;
• to post personal achievements in different languages;
• to find the colleagues, experienced mentors.

Our project will give a boost to your professional growth and make your work visible and significant. But in order to multisciense magazine become interesting and useful, you need to join us. Without your participation and achievement of the community will not be able to educate the younger generation of young professionals and scientists.

Why should we work on the project?
The main purpose of the base of the print edition — to create a solid foundation for future scientific advances and research. Its mission is multifaceted:
• the path to professional growth;
• the chance to analyze and test the personal achievements;
• filtering scientific ideas;
• to search for new professionals;
• the analysis of current scientific problems and search for solutions.

Published studies will set the required direction of the work for the next generation of scientists. So if you have something to say to the world of science, join our project. We have the perfect working mechanism of active involvement in the project a professional scientific elite of European countries and the CIS.

Let`s together interest young professionals, students, graduate students and entrollee to get excited about the science!

Thematic areas of work:


The official languages of the Project: English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian.
The requirements for the materials and the example you can see on our website.

Terms distribution of all materials:
1. Preliminary electronic materials 15 days from the date of completion of the project.
2. Printed materials 25 days from the date of completion of the project.

Until February 28, 2017 (trough), You must act as follows:
  1. Fill in the registration form for participation
  2. Prepare the materials according to the requirements for the document execution (see here).
  3. Send the materials to committee via e-mail
  4. Attach a receipt (snapshot) of the registration fee to committee e-mail

The confirmation of a receipt of materials, the organizing committee sends out within 1-2 working days.
NB! In case of discrepancy of submitted materials to format of a scientific event, the conference fee is fully refunded within 3 banking days.

At the end of the Project, each participant receives:
  • Electronic Edition
  • Print publication (the delivery of materials covers organization)
  • The participants’ materials are entered into the electronic scientific database of organization

Organisation fee:
  • 6 $ (Russia and the other CIS countries)
  • 6 Euro (EU-countries)
  • 50 UAH (Ukraine)
The cost of publication one page (of a sc. publ) in the scientific issue is based on the results of the project:
  • 3 $ (Russia and the other CIS countries)
  • 3 Euro (EU-countries)
  • 40 UAH(Ukraine)

  • Org. payment is carried out through the funds crediting into a bank account of the Organizing Committee member:
    A payment can be made only using the next bank details:

    Imprint specify by the email address of the Organizing Committee

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